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How the Cortex system works

A technical overview of the Cortex architecture and some of its key benefits.

Provisioning to multiple Active Directory forests

Learn how Cortex can provision users and services across disparate Active Directory forests.

Service Development Toolkit

Need to provision a non-standard service? Harness the power of Cortex to deliver more with less.

Integration capability with the Cortex API

Cortex gives flexible options for integrating with other applications.

Migration of existing customers and users on to Cortex

Already hosting an established customer base? Learn how EMS-Cortex can migrate existing data
onto Cortex.

Integrating with Cortex using the API


Cortex is a comprehensive platform for delivering hosted services, but how can Cortex fit in with your existing infrastructure, customers and applications?

The Cortex API provides the basis for integration with other third party applications. The API has been designed to be platform independent and simple to understand.

API Fundamentals

  • XML based - Does not require Microsoft consumer.
  • Basic Authentication, HTTPS recommended if used over the internet.
  • Templating feature allows simplification of requests.

Interface for provisioning

The API can be used to automate the creation of customers and users, as well as provisioning customers and users with services.

Further to this, the API can be used to deliver read-only information out of the Cortex system. This can be easily customised to deliver any required information out of Cortex, or even out of other related systems.

How does the API help?

Integration with billing systems

Billing systems need to be able to initiate provisioning in Cortex, to retrieve usage information for hosted services and to be able to disable/enable accounts.

Website integration - signup for services

If you have an existing website, whether written in PHP or ASP.NET, the Cortex API can be used to quickly provide an integration point for customer sign-up. This allows you to deliver a fully automated sign-up and payment solution.

Integrate your resellers

The Cortex API can be published onto the Internet, using a standard Cortex reseller account for authentication. The reseller has access to provision more customers and users, as well as retrieve usage information from Cortex.

In the same way that a service provider may use the API, resellers can also use it to link their systems into Cortex.

Corporate HR Systems

Customers can also use the API. For larger enterprises this can be used to integrate 'new starter' and 'leaver' processes, automating and controlling user account usage.

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